Friday, August 22, 2014

everyday is halloween

halloween season starts for me as soon as my birthday ends
(that's kind of a lie; halloween season starts as soon as halloween season ends for me)
i've already picked up a few things at michael's--they seem to start stocking the earliest. there's a michael's that opened up just a few blocks from my apartment!
those coffin boxes are my favourite--they sell them every year and they're only 99 cents. i bought six last time i was there. they're small but useful--good for holding sundries and jewelry and the like.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

the lazy coffin quilt

just finished my first quilt top! it's really lazy because i was mostly focused on doing something rather than doing it well so a lot of my seams are just a little uneven and whatnot. if this were a gift or something i was making more seriously (rather than an attempt to use up some of the many random bits of halloween fabric i have) i would go back and fix these problems but i think it looks fine. i have to add backing and batting and i think i might add some fabric to the sides but i'm pretty excited about it.


Friday, August 1, 2014

back to the roots

 i used to be a fashion blog. not here, but over at queen of the rats
i let go of that a bit partially because i was never able to take very good outfit photos and partially because other things in my life began to take over. but i very much liked this pre-birthday outfit from wednesday, so here is an outfit post!

 this hat is from a hat store in pennsylvania, and the flowers are a floral headband i got a couple months ago. i really liked wearing them together.
the dress is from forever 21. 

this was my birthday outfit~! dress from free people, cardigan from urban outfitters, headband from urban outfitters ages ago. it's a bit harder to see the outfit here because selfie-taking in a french mirror from the 1700s is more ghostly than practical but i liked this one too.
im very inspired of late by morticia addams. not exactly the most summery of sartorial muses but i do love her very much.