Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 is almost over, and ive been doing some things to catalogue it. i backed up and organized all my photos from the last twelve months, emptied out my change jar and counted it up (i plan to change it in for real money soon), and did some organization.

it's been... a year. it's been a good year and a bad year and a lot has happened. here are some of those things.

  • i started cross-stitching this year; it seems like i've been doing it for longer! this simple little cross stitch of dethklok was my first project; here it is in progress: 
  • i went to see one of my favourite bands, eluveitie, in concert. unusually, i didn't see amanda palmer perform--i've been to dozens of her shows but this year i wasn't able to see her.
  • i went to NYCC for the fifth time, and worked at it for the first time!
  • i graduated college and started working full time. next year will hopefully mark the beginning of grad school for me.
of course there was a lot more but these are some milestones. i hope 2015 is wonderful for all of you. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

oh mistletoe

i'm not a winter holiday person.
my friends know that most of my holiday energy goes into halloween. after that, i struggle. winter has always been hard for me--i suffer from a mental illness that always seems to challenge me more when it's cold, whether it's because i stay inside more or don't get as much vitamin d or whatever. i am lucky in that treatment has been very, very effective for me, and for the past few years i have been very mentally healthy. still, there are times when i struggle, and winter seems to make these times worse.

i'm also not very religious--my dad is jewish and my mom is a lapsed catholic. my parents together decided that when my sister and i were young we would start attending nondenominational unitarian-universalist services at the local congregation; my dad once referred to this as an 'inoculation' against fanatically following a religion. much of the sunday school classes were focused on learning about world religions and traditions held by them instead of focusing on one particular set of beliefs, so it was a really interesting experience to get to celebrate these different cultures--and even visit some of their religious ceremonies through the sunday school program.

i find myself now with a strong set of spiritual beliefs and a rather weak set of religious ones. i practice witchcraft because i feel like it connects me with myself, others, and nature--things that are important to me because i live in a city where these connections are often hard to find. i'm a solitary practitioner, without a coven, and that's what's comfortable to me. as such, i celebrate the traditional holidays like samhain and yule, but i also try very hard not to take things too seriously.

as a result i have some pretty weird holidays.

there's hanukkah with my dad, christmas with my mom, and yule with myself. how did someone who doesn't much like any of the winter holidays end up celebrating three of them?

each of these holidays is very special to me, and i've combined them to celebrate in my own special way. i sometimes call it 'hexmas'.

here's my hexmas sweater!

and here's my hexmas tree! it's a bit hard to see because there's a lot going on but i have eyeball and witch ornament baubles, a little bride of frankenstein, a bat, a witch hat (an ornament and the one on the top), some spiders, some little crows, and a bat garland!

is there any special way you celebrate your holidays?

Friday, October 31, 2014

31 days of halloween: day thirty-one

drusilla is my favourite buffy character.

honestly shes one of my favourite characters in anything.

i still have a few hours before work so i may redo the wig but nothing major.

what are your halloween plans?? im working til 1 so im not doing much but i get to hand out candy at work!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

31 days of halloween: day thirty

today i'm just bats.
a cloud of bats in the night sky.
this one was fun. it's not even a majority of all the bat stuff i own. i'm a little obsessed. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

31 days of halloween: day 29

it's fun being evil.
it's very fun being bellatrix lestrange.
(i should admit this is technically voldemort's wand. i got it at the wizarding world of harry potter.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

31 days of halloween: day 28

*snaps fingers*

like i really wouldn't do morticia addams. are you kidding?? she's the best!!!
i was considering dyeing my hair black for a while and i think that would make this costume a little better but alas.

Monday, October 27, 2014

31 days of halloween: day 27

cersei lannister today!
one of my favourite characters in game of thrones. she's just so cunning!
the necklace is from comiccon--it's a replica of the one she actually wears.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 days of halloween: day 26

trixie is one of my favourite deadwood characters! (so's calamity jane, who i did on day 15).
this corset doesn't really fit me well which is super sad. i lost a bit of weight recently and nearly all of my clothes still fit as well as they did before but for some reason this corset is hanging off me. i had to hold it up in a lot of these pictures. :c

i can't believe how close it is to halloween!