Sunday, June 29, 2014

nyc pride 2014

i was lucky enough to get to pride this weekend despite starting a new job. here are some of the ladies from orange is the new black! 
i was so excited by them i took like seven pictures and all were terrible 
sorry about all the people in front (sorry, random people, for blogging you)--i try to stand in the back of crowds when i can because i'm so tall, which makes for happier short people around me but also really terrible pictures 
 i think this guy was a transformer or something
 beautiful desi costumes

 jews!!! my dad is jewish and i identify strongly with jewish culture and so i was really really excited to see this!
 more jews
some important people

happy pride!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

there and back again

the hiatus was unintentional. 
i was very busy doing things like graduating college and getting a job.
i've been pretty terrible at documenting things but here are a couple random things i pulled off my phone to recap my crafting exploits over the last couple months
nathan explosion embroidery. this isn't my first traditional embroidery piece but it's the first (and only) one i really like (cross stitch is soooo much easier, you guys). because i'm a dummy (and because i had very low expectations for myself/this project) i stitched it on a piece of old tshirt that has a coffee stain on it. it's not that noticeable though. this is one thing i definitely want to practice more and get better at this year. 
ok this isnt a craft but i have a bachelor's degree now so that's pretty cool
 this was my dad's birthday present. i actually made it several months ago but i didn't want to put it on the internet before i actually gave it to him.
 i was presented with the opportunity to go to a con and, having very little time to prepare, simply reused my henchman 21 costume from last year's new york comic con. those wings, however, were fucking TERRIBLE, so after a ton of trial and error i came up with these new ones. i really liked how they turned out but unfortunately i didn't reinforce the cardboard underneath enough so if i want to wear this cosplay again i'll have to make another pair. i think i have the technique down though (seriously, there was a LOT of trial and error) so it should be a bit easier this go round. 

some terrible costume selfies. i actually got some great shots taken of me by others but am unsure if i can repost them without permission.
i rage-stitched this during and after the season finale of game of thrones. it's the name of brienne of tarth (favourite character, actual role model)'s sword. plus a little sword. no joke, the 'p' is messed up because i was counting the spaces for it as the episode ended and i got so mad i fucked up the count so it's lower than the rest of the letters. 
(the night is dark and full of spoilers ahead:)
the only good thing about lady stoneheart not being in the finale is that my lady stoneheart costume is still accurate:
this was last year's halloween costume and although it was thrown together in like five minutes (i already owned everything except the cloak and the grey clip-in hairs and the slit-throat prosthetic) i was super proud of it. i'm hoping to maybe wear it to a con someday and i'm a liiiittle glad that there's no lady stoneheart show canon as far as her appearance goes, at least not yet, because this'll be pretty much unrecognizable as soon as there is.