Sunday, June 29, 2014

nyc pride 2014

i was lucky enough to get to pride this weekend despite starting a new job. here are some of the ladies from orange is the new black! 
i was so excited by them i took like seven pictures and all were terrible 
sorry about all the people in front (sorry, random people, for blogging you)--i try to stand in the back of crowds when i can because i'm so tall, which makes for happier short people around me but also really terrible pictures 
 i think this guy was a transformer or something
 beautiful desi costumes

 jews!!! my dad is jewish and i identify strongly with jewish culture and so i was really really excited to see this!
 more jews
some important people

happy pride!!!


Shybiker said...

Glad you got to enjoy the parade today, buddy. We went into NYC to see a musical ("Beautiful") and saw folks walking around in rainbow clothes. I'm a big fan of "Orange..." so it's nice to see your picture of them.

Laura Morrigan said...

Looks like a great event!

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