Saturday, May 30, 2015

coffins are a necessity

this isn't so much a 'craft project' insomuch as i put a thing in another thing and called it a day, but it was much more successful than i thought it would be.
i got this coffin from work--it was a display for something ages ago and had been in the back office ever since, so my boss said that i could take it home. i wasn't sure what to do with it until my coworker suggested i turn it into a cat bed.
i didn't do much to it other than stuff a wedding dress from a thrift store in there--i don't know why, but oscar loves sleeping on the thing. perhaps the satin keeps him cool. regardless, i wore the dress once for a halloween costume and stained it with fake blood, so i didn't really have any use for it anymore. 
this was how it was for a while, and how i expected it to go--cats never seem to sleep where you want them to. women and cats will do as they please
but then he got sorta used to it! 
 i think he was still feeling it out here, because he doesn't look that most comfortable.
 but he really likes it!
 i keep taking pictures because ITS TOO CUTE 
i love it because of my many nicknames for him, one of my favourites is 'my little vampire'
partly as a (sort of cruel, but he cant speak english, so its okay right?) joke because shortly after he came into my life he had to get nearly all of his teeth removed because he had a terrible gum infection and tooth rot
but partly because i'm fairly sure if he were a person he would be lestat de lioncourt 


Thursday, May 28, 2015

it's been a while

so, i... uh...
...have not posted at all this year.

here is a quick selection of photos summing up the last few months.
as always you can follow me on instagram, @wormtongues, or on tumblr where i am the-witchqueen
but i would really like to come back here sometimes.

i have been working a lot (more than i would like to be working) and i have gotten overwhelmed. as often happens, with the advent of the warm weather, i am feeling more motivated and more human.

 i work only a few blocks from where the building collapsed in the east village in march. it was a really scary and sad day. this was the view from my workplace. there is still a giant hole where those buildings were, but the area is largely back to the way it was--business are open and thriving, other than the ones that were destroyed.

 my mom visited in march and we went to the chelsea markets together, something a bit 'touristy' that i wouldn't normally do on my own.
one of the highlights was a mexican/japanese place we grabbed dinner at. i know it sounds weird but it was really good.

 i made oscar this batnip toy

 i visited my dad in pennsylvania and went for a walk in the woods with an old and dear high school friend. 

 it was one of the first warm days, and i think we ended up walking about 15 miles altogether that day. 

 i don't get a lot of time in nature--new york city has a lot to offer, but not that--so it was really lovely to just take a day and wander. we hardly saw any other people. 

 so, yeah, i'm going to columbia in the fall! i'm going to be getting a masters in social work. i'm incredibly excited!

 oscar is still the little light of my life. 

my dad got married! here i am with him and my sister at the reception.

 my sister and i along with my new stepsisters were the bridesmaids. we all have very different personal styles and so the bride decided to allow us to choose our own bridesmaids dresses, so long as they were knee-length and navy blue. this was mine!

i got this notebook because it looks like oscar.