Monday, March 10, 2014

eye belt diy

i've said it before--diy is one of my favourite ways to create things that i want that i either can't afford or can't find--particularly things that don't exist. this belt was inspired by the unif eyesore belt--i was considering buying it on sale, but then it sold out, so i figured i might as well make my own.
 eyeball cabochons are from aliexpress, but i've also seen similar ones on etsy and other various supply sites. i chose to use a mix of green and blue eyeballs, and to alternate them.
e6000 is probably my favourite glue, it bonds really securely. i fixed a ring that i wear every single day with e6000 and it hasn't fallen apart on me yet, even though i catch it on stuff all the time.
i got the belt from h&m because i have a gift card, but this would be easy to do on any belt--whether it's thrifted or you already had it lying around.
 i was just going to eyeball (ha!) the spacing but then i figured i'd measure it out just to make it even. i ended up placing one cabochon every two inches. 
 i placed each eyeball before starting to glue them down.
done and drying! i left some space at the end where the holes are so i could drill some extra holes, since the belt was a little big for me. 

sorry i haven't been posting more, the major project i've been working on lately is a surprise gift for a relative so i don't want to be posting pictures of it online quite yet!


Laura Morrigan said...

It is great to find a glue that actually sticks things and doesn't just fall apart! That is a really cool DIY!

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