Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 is almost over, and ive been doing some things to catalogue it. i backed up and organized all my photos from the last twelve months, emptied out my change jar and counted it up (i plan to change it in for real money soon), and did some organization.

it's been... a year. it's been a good year and a bad year and a lot has happened. here are some of those things.

  • i started cross-stitching this year; it seems like i've been doing it for longer! this simple little cross stitch of dethklok was my first project; here it is in progress: 
  • i went to see one of my favourite bands, eluveitie, in concert. unusually, i didn't see amanda palmer perform--i've been to dozens of her shows but this year i wasn't able to see her.
  • i went to NYCC for the fifth time, and worked at it for the first time!
  • i graduated college and started working full time. next year will hopefully mark the beginning of grad school for me.
of course there was a lot more but these are some milestones. i hope 2015 is wonderful for all of you. 


Shybiker said...

Big achievements! Good work, buddy. I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you.

Laura Morrigan said...

Oh wow, you saw Elueveitie! That would be amazing! I have seen Amanda once, I'd like to see Brian too!

Good luck with Grad school!

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