Sunday, January 19, 2014

decoden! mostly an experiment

i had to touch up the caulk on some tiles in my bathroom and decided to attempt some decoden with the leftover caulk!
i was inspired by crafty chica's decoden tutorial which is sort of already a spin on actual decoden which is a japanese thing used to decorate phone cases & such that often ends up looking a bit frou-frou (google search it if you don't know what i'm talking about, it's pretty hardcore).
anyway here are the materials i used:
-thing to decorate (obvious). i used a lil hand mirror sephora gave me in thanks for consistently spending way too much money at sephora
-DAP alex plus silicone caulk (it comes in clear also which would probably work too? i used white)
-a whole bunch of charms or cabochons or, yknow, whatever
 put the thing on the thing
congrats u did it 
this is maybe not the most professional way to do things but i just smooshed it around with my finger until it was kinda even. it does really look like frosting. don't eat it  
 im just gonna take a moment here to apologize for how much my pictures suck. i need to get a new lens for my SLR so i'm stuck using my iphone right now, and the lighting in my apartment is TERRIBLE. i use those eco friendly shit bulbs which is like good for the environment but bad for taking pictures and also for my eyeballs
 ok heres a nice evenish relatively thick layer of stuff
 it has to be thick enough to actually put things into it. like press them in a little bit. arrange them how you like. squish em in. yes
 ok this is satisfactory
i am wearing sweatpants that say trick or treat because everything in my life is halloween
 i used this glitter. it's black licorice by martha stewart crafts. it's really really pretty but kind of expensive, i wouldn't have bought it if i didn't have a gift card. whatever u got
put some glitter on it. while the dap is still wet, obviously 
ok now shake the excess glitter off and immediately regret that you did this on a paper towel and not a piece of newspaper or something that would more readily allow you to funnel the extra glitter back into the thing. try to do it anyway. make a mess 
 ok here is how it looks now. let it dry. 
~time travel~
 now it's dry. use a softish brush to sweep the extra glitter off
 now it looks like this


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