Friday, January 17, 2014

some past projects

here are some of the things (of various quality) i have made in the past!
 rorschach doll (he didn't turn out so great so now i just use him as a pincushion)
 halloween simple skirt 
 venture bros. stenciled dress
 lord of the rings bleach shirt 
 resin axe necklace
 stannis baratheon sigil perler
brienne of tarth jacket 
valar morghulis resin necklace 
dethklok cross stitch 
henchman 21 cosplay

as is pretty obvious, i'm really influenced by the shows and books i like; often if i can't find merchandise i like or the stuff that exists i can't afford so i just make it myself 
uh i've done a bunch of other stuff too this is just the shit i'd already photographed to post to tumblr haha 


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