Friday, January 17, 2014

this is the worst post ever

i'm serious this is literally the most useless diy blog post ever because it's essentially completely just gluing two things to another thing and then going to sleep but i'm trying to get the hang of posting things like this which i havent done so i just shot something kinda dumb for practice
necessary things (oh god this is so dumb)
1. really poor lighting
2. gemstones (i have these cutie cutie halloween gemstones/glass cabochons that i actually just ripped off a different pair of sunglasses that i decorated with them, i didn't really like how they turned out so i dismantled the creation like a more insightful dr. frankenstein) 
3. sunglasses (mine were from some cheapie place somewhere)
4. e-6000 or something equally as heavy duty in terms of glue
5. buffy on netflix (shirtless angel not mandatory although in all honesty could probably do without that bit? i don't find angel very attractive)
 somehow steady your sunglasses. i used a paper towel roll, it worked well. this step is kinda necessary because of gravity. if you just have them folded up or something they won't be level and your rhinestone/cabochon will slowly slide down and probably get on the lens and then you won't be able to see and it will be terrible. just prop it up on something i dunno

 place ur shit. one of the reasons i didn't like the former pair was because i kinda went overboard, i put wayyyy too many of these cabs on (they were so cute! i couldnt resist!) and they ended up looking kinda tacky. i went for a moon on one side and a pumpkin on the other--i would have used a bat but the pumpkin pops way more against the black of the sunglasses.
 then glue! use a teeny tiny amount because you dont want it to ooze out. that will look kind of weird?
ok and here they are done! they're drying. i'm going to sleep 

p.s. here's an extra bonus: the sunglasses i ripped the cabs off of!
they just didnt look even enough to me, maybe if some of the cabs were bigger or something, i dunno. also my glue was definitely oozing out in some parts here. so. i like the revised version better. 
i still have the frames so i'll probably do something with them later~


Shybiker said...

Well, we all gotta start somewhere. This is a good beginning. It reminds me of my first efforts at dressing up in female clothing for my blog -- so rudimentary, almost embarrassing. But, from there, I got to here. As you will with this DIY blog. I'm looking forward to watching you on your journey!

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