Thursday, September 4, 2014

halloween boots!!!

i have a doc martens problem
at one point i had seven pairs i think. i've since consigned some but i have at least four now. i basically hadn't worn these white ones since my freshman year of college so i decided to give them a makeover using angelus leather paint, inspired by a picture i found on tumblr. 
starting to paint. i took this picture in a panic after realizing i hadn't done a 'before' shot.
after one coat of paint. 
 i think i did about five coats of the orange plus some touchups where it was needed. i freehanded the pumpkin faces. honestly the shoes turned out a bit more vividly orange than i would have really liked but there wasn't much to be done about that. the colour might fade a bit with wear, but i'm happy with them anyway. 
all laced up!


Ani101 said...

Doc Martens are amazing :) I just got some and they are the best thing ever! I love what you've done with yours :)

Shybiker said...

What a fun design and color! You're all set now for Halloween.

I blogged last night about my plans for this year -- I'm going to a Halloween party in MINNESOTA! Wanna come?! :-)

Laura Morrigan said...

That is such a cool job you did! I have been wanting to paint some boots but I am saving my spare pair for in case my boots break! Touch wood! I only have a couple of pairs at the moment, both the same! I can't live without comfy ankle boots!

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