Monday, September 1, 2014

tired diy: hair twist... thing

i'm exhausted this week because i've been working a ton thanks to a new hire at the shop who decided one day to just stop coming in but i wanted to make something so i decided i'd throw this together after a morning shift. 
one of my most-used hair accessories is this black velvet... thing. it's a piece of black velvet with a wire in it that can be twisted. i got it from the american apparel outlet a few years back along with a burgundy one, and while i use the black one a ton--twisting my hair around it for an updo, tangling it into a bun, or just using it as a wrapped headband--the burgundy one clashed badly with my hair. so i dissected it!
you can, of course, use any wire for this, although i suggest something relatively thick that can hold its shape but still bends easily. i just used the wire that was in my burgundy headband and some fabric i bought at joann's ages ago.
this was really simple. i just cut a rectangle from my fabric a little longer than the wire i was using and a little wider than double the width i wanted the finished piece to be.
i sewed a little sheath for the wire so it wouldn't just be loose inside the fabric tube.
with the wire inside its sheath i flipped the whole thing inside out and sewed around the edges, leaving one end open so i could flip it back right-side-out. then i tucked in the ends of the fabric and sewed that end shut, too.


Shybiker said...

Adorable! And clever. Hope you get some rest.

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