Tuesday, September 23, 2014

watch this space

yall know how much i love halloween.
i'm hoping, fingers-crossed hoping, that i'll be able to pull off a pretty major halloween project this month. 
i'll be blogging it right here.

i'm currently working full time and studying for the GREs, mired in grad school applications and working a counseling job besides. so if this project gets out of my hands, it's out of my hands. but i'm hopeful.

essentially i plan to pull off a "closet costume" every day in october. meaning, while spending as little as possible and getting as much from my own collection of clothes as possible, i hope to put together a fictional character- or historical figure-inspired outfit and photograph it each day. these outfits, for the most part, will be things that i can wear to work or in my daily life but will still, hopefully, be clearly inspired by these characters.

i'm really excited and hopeful. i have a big list of characters i plan to be inspired by but if any of my followers have suggestions i'd love to hear them!!

i'll also be posting to my instagram which you can find here.



Shybiker said...

Yay! Go for it. We can't hit the target if we don't take a shot.

Laura Morrigan said...

Good luck with all the study! Looking forward to the costumes very much!

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